COHESION is mainly engaged in marine container cargo, LCL cargo, marine bulk cargo transportation and other marine export and marine import services. With a comprehensive service network in China and overseas, we can provide customers with one-stop logistics services from procurement, booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, handling freight insurance, handling various certificates and acting as an agent for inspection/quarantine.

Advantageous routes for double-clearance to door service: Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand;

Advantageous routes are Middle East, Red Sea, Africa, India and Pakistan, South East Asia, Australia, South America, Europe and America!


Sea freight export forwarding services

Review the various lists and approvals provided by the client;Booking;Customs brokerage;Certificate of origin;Insurance policies and commercial inspection certificates; container leasing and crating; domestic transportation, port entry and loading; issuance of bills of lading, settlement of miscellaneous transport charges, agent for express mail domestic and foreign documents; agent for import customs clearance, taxation, unpacking/forwarding and delivery abroad.

Sea freight import forwarding services

Before the arrival of imported goods at the port, we review all kinds of lists and approvals provided by customers; follow the ship's dynamics; select and organize the best means of transport and transport solutions; after the arrival of imported goods at the port, we act as an agent for customs transfer/declaration, taxation, triple inspection and insurance; check the quantity and appearance of goods and obtain records of defects; hand over, pick up and organize shipment at the port; implement the unloading and transfer work at transit stations; unpack and pack containers and transfer them; develop large equipment The loading, strapping and reinforcement plans for the transport of large equipment, etc.