Brazil on the provisions of wood packaging

2022-05-11 Source:Cohesion Supply Chain

  The Brazilian agent informed that the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has introduced a new regulation on wooden packaging (N°32 OF 09/23/2015), effective from the bill of lading loading date Feb 1, 2016, for all Brazilian import and export cargoes and transit transshipment cargoes, strengthening the supervision and control of wooden packaging.

  Accordingly, we are also required to produce a bill of lading, which must show the ticket cargo with/without wood packaging, with wood packaging must also indicate whether the wood is treated or fumigated in accordance with ISPM 15 requirements. Where the bill of lading does not have any description of wood packaging will be the default for no wood packaging, such as in the customs inspection or customs clearance process found to actually contain wood packaging, will lead to high customs fines, but also to the consignee's customs clearance action will bring very big trouble.